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The Property: A Refuge in the City


The property is located in Lindale Park, just East of the Heights and North of downtown. With a generous lot of 13,250 sqft, the possibilities for additions and expansions are many: a large studio, garage (with or w/o apartment), a pool, a greenhouse, or even subdivide the property into two separate buildable lots.




It is worth noting that this property is situated in the middle of "Section 3", the most sought after area of Lindale Park. Recently, the Special Minimum Lot Size (SMLS) was changed to preserve the character of the neighborhood and protect it from over-development. Section 3 has the largest SMLS at 6,360 sqft, making this property all the more valuable.

1 LOQUATS .jpg

The perimeter of the property is lined by evergreen trees and hardy texas natives that are thriving despite the severe cold spells of recent winters. There are three mature, fruit-producing loquat trees, a beautiful magnolia, and a few crepe myrtles interspersed with Sunshine Ligustrum bushes for color, and dozens of native butterfly-attracting plants -flowers such as black-eye susans, lantanas and milkweeds for monarch butterflies. This vegetation envelopes the property creating a private green sanctuary. At present, an automatic drip-irrigation system has been installed along half of the perimeter to supply water to the plants.

IMG_4041.tif TREES LINING EDGE22222 copy.jpg

The property is very private, surrounded on three sides by a cedar fence.  The West fence is a newly built “weathered” wooden fence with a trellis added to give the open space a park-like feel. The front fence is a temporary chain link construction fence. There is one pedestrian gate and two "driveway" gates, suggesting the possibility of a circular driveway around the magnificent magnolia. But this is just one of many opportunities for the new owner to add their ingenuity and vision to this legacy house.

IMG_3982 copyX OUTSIDEXX-RecoveredFLAT.jpg
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